NoFIRE Coatings

NoFIRE coatings protect many types of surfaces, including; all types of wood and wood products, all types of metals, fiberglass, synthetics and composites.

While many other fire retardant products are toxic or fail at low temperatures, NoFIRE coatings are nontoxic and provide fire protection at temperatures in excess of 2000°F.

NoFIRE intumescent coatings, available in two basic formulas, A and A18, provide the highest available protection to fire and heat exposure.

NoFIRE coatings have been tested and certified by many independent laboratories, including; Underwriters Laboratories, U.S. Testing Laboratory, Southwest Research Institute, Omega Point Laboratories, Warnock-Hersey and Intertech Laboratories. Additionally it is accepted for use by the New York City Department of Buildings, California State Fire Marshal and State of Rhode Island Department of Building Code Standards.