Our company, Intumescent Technologies, LLC, dba NoFire Technologies Marketing Group is The Sales and Marketing Agent for The NoFire® brand of fire retardant products. NoFire Technologies, Inc. manufactures a patented, qualified and certified line of high performance, rigorously tested, water based products that provide exceptional protection against heat and fire. 

There are virtually endless possibilities for the use of NoFire Products. Major applications include;

  • Commercial/Industrial HVAC and Electrical Infrastructure
  • Maritime Industry
  • Interior/Exterior Residential Housing Industry
  • Governmental Offices and Landmarks
  • Port Authorities
  • Ground Transportation Vehicles and Corresponding Infrastructure
  • Improving Combustibility Rates For Plastic and Wood Construction Materials
  • Military
  • Aviation/Aerospace Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Assembly Halls, Sporting Venues, Airport Lobbies, Schools, Virtually Anywhere People Congregate

NoFire® does everything that ordinary paint does...

Except Burn!